A simple black shirt with the perfect pair of jeans set the stage for my favorite things...accessories.

These incredible earrings are from Melissa Braniff Designs in Houston. She is such a fantastic girl! She took her love of ancient coins and fine jewelry and created the most unique pieces.

Look at the texture of this Yves Saint Laurent purse! The design is so simple but the texture makes it incredible.

Again, this is from Melissa Braniff Designs. I love the hammered 14k yellow gold as it is but the hand forged flower makes it extra cool. You should read the background on all her pieces - the history of ancient Rome and Greece has never been so interesting! I will show more of her things another time but I didn't have the space today. www.melissabraniffdesigns.com

Last but not least, a girl needs a good pair of shoes. In fact, she needs SEVERAL!

My outside temperature read 83 degrees today. So what's a girl supposed to wear in "winter" so you don't look like an Easter egg or the latest in SWEAT in month appropriate clothes? My answer is neutrals - but then again, if you know me, I don't stray far from black, white and khaki - ever! Sometimes I get wild and crazy and buy something of color but then it sits in my closet most of the time. The best way to get winter to return is to finally give up on it, put away my tall boots (that I love) break out the spring, strappy, wedge sandals and then wait for the Nordic cold front to blow through in the middle of a baseball or lacrosse game in March. Sigh...Houston winter - keep your shorts next to your fleece lined boots. It makes for a confusing closet.