This is a spa called Amansala in Tulum, Mexico. They also have one in Ibiza. I really want to go here someday because it looks so incredible! I have the Bikini Bootcamp diet book which is how I found out about it. It has really good recipes in it for me because I love Mexican food and it recommends food that I would enjoy anyway. You may remember from the post, "Think Inside the Box" that I love a fabulous garden but I prefer that it come with a gardener. Well, since I don't like to cook much, I have that pesky problem of wanting someone else to shop for the meal and prepare it! I am also the only one you know who can watch, "The Biggest Loser" or read a diet book while eating a Double-stuffed Oreo thinking, "that's a great idea, I should do that." C'est la vie. Fortunately, the threat of being in a bikini in Florida with college kids is very low for a 42 year old. Thank the Lord!