Tricia Guild's book is the Bible of uniqueness. She doesn't even feel the need to match the curtains on either side of the window! Truthfully, I'm trying to work my way here but I admire her style and bold confidence in creating something different. This book is wonderful - candy for the eyes.

In a sea of new construction bathrooms with the same beige tile and brown-ish granite, it's refreshing to see a bathroom with layers of character. Notice the wide planked, dusty gray floors mixed with the patterned tile, the obvious framing of the tub with curtains as if to say, "this place is important", the rough wooden ceiling with a simple but elegant chandelier, the slender doors with pretty hardware...a welcome break from 12 x 12 beige tile on isle 26 of the super store.

Jewelry for the wall. Enough said.

It's hard to go wrong with a fluffy white bed with a pretty headboard.

In America, the person with the biggest closet wins. I tend to drool over closets myself but then I saw this picture and how they made something mundane so visually pleasing. In places like France where they don't have room for giant rooms and closets, they make the best of the space and make it beautiful. I absolutely love the gray walls mixed with the pinks and reds. It makes me feel silly for ever wanting the giant, walk-in box!

When I started to post tonight, I thought I would focus on color. Instead, I picked rooms and things I liked. Ever since Pottery Barn and other catalogs started mass producing the French, "feedsack" style, it has made me crave uniqueness and layers. That look is still nice but as I said at the top, I will inch my way towards Tricia Guild's philosophy of trying something bold or at least different.