Ivan Grundahl is a Danish designer who usually puts some kind of interesting twist on every design. Often, hems will be frayed or mismatched but to me, that is what makes his things so interesting. While many of his things are black, this dusty gray/blue top with beige is positively dreamy for spring. In Houston, you can find IG at Be-Jewel. The owner, Terry, is incredible! www.be-jewel.com

I've gotten to where I can spot a Jan Showers room from a mile away. It's always luxurious with rich fabrics and simple lines. Her peaceful bedrooms seem to be rooms you would never tire of.

Can you stand how cute these Prada shoes are? The mixture of preppy khaki linen with some fray and a sexy design is like looking at Tom Ford, in Palm Springs, leaning up against a convertible. Am I right or did I get side tracked by the whole Tom Ford thing? I know, I know...not on our team. That's a lot of thought for a shoe isn't it?

The classic/not so classic white shirt from Ivan Grundahl. It's a shame this shirt is on a white mannequin because the beauty of his shirts are in the architectural lines which are hard to see here. I wore an IG shirt the other day with a mismatched hem. All day, people graciously told me I had missed a button or something. Once I turned around to show how the back of the shirt was angular, they all got it, "OOOOOHHHH, that is really cool." See...I didn't dress in the dark after all.

I'm really addicted to gray everything right now. I also like walking into a powder room and getting a fun surprise. That does not include a gross surprise.

So why have I mixed shirts, a bedroom, shoes, and a powder room? To show that your fashion style preferences can be translated to the home. Buying clothes has been easy for me but dressing the home seemed overwhelming at first. Once you look at it from the "outfit" perspective, it is more simplistic. If you don't wear lots of prints and bright colors, chances are the hot pink, flower covered couch isn't going to work for ya!