I'm obsessed with cool pictures of horses. This one is by Charlotte Geary.

These earrings are from J Silver in Houston. So cute!

Wrap from The King Ranch.

This is from Rebecca Lankford in Houston. I would mix this with about 8 other bracelets for a chunky, layered look.

You have officially arrived in Texas when you have custom alligator boots with your initials on them! These are from Tejas Boots in Houston.

I am such a cowgirl at heart. I dream of having a place in Santa Fe and wearing boots and jeans with great southwestern accessories as my uniform. Green chiles for breakfast? Of course! It doesn't matter if New York or LA think cowboy boots are in or out, Texas girls will always have them as a staple. By the way, we wear them with style - not the Hollywood version of Texas! Most girls want to grow up to be a ballerina. I wanted to be the girl in the rodeo, riding a horse, wearing a sparkled outfit, carrying the Texas flag! Go big or go home!