I love this room. I know it is dark but many times people don't actually use a study. They throw a desk in there, arrange the bookshelves once and it stays that way, untouched, for years. What would you do in this room? These are some things I have thought of:

1) Drink some brandy before or after going to dinner. I don't drink brandy but if I had this room, I might have to start.
2) Read a book with a dog at my side, occasionally glancing up to notice how perfectly those books are arranged!
3) Call my son in to discuss serious matters such as why his car was left in Dallas because he lost the only set of keys.
4) Contemplate buying a special smoking jacket, monogrammed with my family's crest, to wear in this room. I despise smoking and don't really have a family crest but it's my blog.
5) Talk to my friend on the phone and tell her she has to come over and see the high gloss ceiling and brass chandelier. The only thing I would add to this room is a fireplace...and perhaps a husband.

Photo by Michael Graydon for Canadian House and Home