I never thought I would like a purple room but this looks great. The dark chair and lamp make it look more sophisticated and less "my 7-year old loves purple."

I know it seems as if I have overdosed on green after the St. Patrick's Day post but I like this picture because it shows how great it looks to use different shades for contrast. I LOVE the light fixture!

This is a bold look for sure but I really like those two colors together and the way the artwork is placed. I'm thinking only one person lives here or they never use that door. One can't make a dramatic exit (slamming the door) if there is art attached. I'm just sayin...

I never tire of horizontal stripes. This color is so restful and pleasant. What a perfect look for a beach house.

High gloss, high drama! I am yearning for a high gloss room but my house was built in 1929 and people over the years have done really bad updates like textured ceilings. Consequently, I have to decorate to minimize that element. One of these days, the paint fairy will drop some extra cash for me to get rid of that feature and you can bet something will be done in high gloss at Casa de Julie.

I've talked enough now! Have a great day!

All pictures from Canadian House and Home