The Airbus 380, owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, cousin to the Saudi Arabian king, is the first private owner of the largest luxury passenger jet on the planet. No biggie! The Airbus A380 can travel 9,000 miles nonstop, without refueling – from Chicago to Sydney, Australia. It has private bedrooms, a fully-equipped interior office or board room, a curvy cocktail bar which boasts a super-size TV screen and even a gym with a Jacuzzi and a Sauna. He’ll also need a flight crew of about 15 staff to operate it. Edese Doret Industrial Design are rumored to have got the job, and released a number of mock-up photos.

Love the shiny backs of these chairs. For the lamps, I would have done something different.

Love all the white with a little green. It's very sleek without being too "George Jetson".

BMW Group Designworks USA’s Boeing 787

Note the BMW under the blue glass floor!

The best part of this blog is exploring the decadent side of life. Something tells me these people have never experienced the same things I have. For example, there was the trip to Florida in the new Suburban where on the final day of visiting a friend, my young child walked in (when the car was running and ready to go) and announced that his head really itched. He had gotten lice from school the week before and we had spread it from Texas to Alabama. That's the gift that keeps on giving...a really nice hostess serendipity. After treating everyone's head, the house and the car, we continued on to Florida where the baby got car sick almost immediately. Nice. The good ole days right? These poor private plane people probably don't have any good stories like that...bless their hearts!

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