You have to love these pictures by Slim Aarons. The bright colors, big hair, tans without a smidge of orange around the ankles, modest breasts and not one tattoo in sight. I wonder what his lens would see if he were shooting today? We won't really have accurate pictures of this time in life because everyone has been surgically and digitally altered! I guess there is nothing wrong with that but personally, I like a little mystery. Wouldn't you like to know what happened after this party? Today, one of the Kardashian's would have tweeted, Facebooked, texted, or mms'd someone immediately - of which millions of Americans would watch at length on TV, followed by some stupid t-shirt saying, "Team Kim" or something. No thank you. I'll concoct my own story. Even if something crazy happened, they probably sent a hand written note thanking them for the invitation. As my friend's mother always reminded her before walking out the door, "Remember darling, pretty is as pretty does!" Indeed.