The MCA Queen of Mardi Gras in Mobile is Lynn Wentworth Morrissette. She is 22 and attends The University of Alabama. People from Mobile will quickly tell you that Mardi Gras started in Mobile NOT N'ORLEANS (insert southern accent here)

Worth is wearing a Vera Wang gown with a hand sewn, 18 ft train designed by her second cousin and executed by her aunt. Details include family crests, her initials, a shell representing Saint James, crosses, fox fur and more.

The MCA King, Edward Dickson Williams, III, is 23, also attended The University of Alabama and is in medical school at St. Kitts in the West Indies.

The crown on the robe is a chaplet of three cornucopias spilling gold leaf fruit and rhinestone grapes filled with beaded foliage. Three Mardi Gras crowns on the robe reflect the dates of the grandfather’s reign in 1957, his father’s reign in 1985 and his reign this year.

The Juvenile King and Queen are 13 years old.

Although I don't know these kids personally, I do know the aunt mentioned above (Laura Morrissette) who made Worth's train. This is a woman who can do anything! Her cooking is amazing, she is head of everything and oh yeah...can sew. I knew if all women in Mobile were like her, I better get back to Texas quickly! I don't even sew on a button. Oh well, I guess I have other talents. While I don't have a long line of Kings and Queens in my family history, make no mistake, my mother was, "Miss Mathis Garage" in Alabaster, Alabama back in the day. Don't be jealous. I'm just sayin...

Pictures from The Mobile Press-Register