Normally, I am not a big pink person but I went crazy over this one. Imagine white walls, charcoal gray trim, white furniture on top of this great rug. It's like having a spectacular pair of shoes.

This rug is over 100 years old. It does have some stains but it is meant to be cut up and made into pillows or something. I love the colors.

This turquoise is great but also notice the patchwork one next to it. You can make your own design.

Sample colors you can have for your dyed rug.

These are rugs that have been "saved from extinction" as their card says. They buy rugs that are soon to be thrown out, shave them down and then dye them. Incredible! Think how great it would be to dream up whatever color and size you want but also have an antique patina to add richness to the room. I love this idea! They can cut them to your size so whether it's a runner for the stairs or whatever, it can be done. They are selling these in ABC Carpet and Home in New York City as well. You can bet they are ten times the price there so order yours online. Isn't it time to cut a rug???

Pictures by: Julie Webber