How cute is this?!?

My kids when they were young, with the best dog ever!

The oldest child at 18 to complete the childhood stage.

The same silhouette but with a cap and gown added and printed for graduation notes.

My friend's family, in the car referred to as "Big Red." The picture alone is awesome but the fact that this couple had their first date in this car, later married and had four kids and then had this silhouette made is priceless!

Suzanne Marsh is an incredible silhouette artist and painter. She will sit at your house and cut the silhouettes within minutes! I am so happy I had my children and pets done. I plan to have my second child's silhouette done when he is 18 also. After that, I would like to have my boy's wedding silhouettes done and start the whole thing over again with their children. (By the way, Suzanne does cake topper silhouettes as well) This is such a great way to tell a story in a timeless way. Depending on your tastes, they can be presented as modern or traditional based on how you frame them. Hopefully, my boy's wives won't hate them but I think it is something that can be passed down. I have also considered having their silhouettes put on European pillow cases for a daybed. It bugs me that silhouettes are being mass produced online now. I'm glad mine were hand cut from a special person in Houston, Texas! or call her: 713.522.6321