The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Bass Performance Hall

Joe T. Garcia's Restaurant

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Fort Worth Zoo

If you go to Fort Worth, you have to hit these places! On Facebook, there is a group called, "I'm from Fort Worth, not from Dallas" and if you have ever lived here, you know exactly what that means. The people are amazing and the museums are among the top in the country. The great thing about the zoo (besides incredible animals) is the size and close proximity to the animals. Joe T. Garcia's is a family owned restaurant that is a Fort Worth staple. Truly, if I had to pick my last meal on earth, this would be it. Bass Performance Hall is in downtown which is not only gorgeous to see but also hosts top performers. I didn't have room for more pictures but don't miss Texas Christian University and all the other great things Fort Worth has to offer. There's no place like home...indeed!