A Spyder car...so cool. I was originally searching for a Porsche from the 1950's and I found this. I wouldn't usually buy a red car but something about a vintage style begs for the color red.

"Wheeeeee!" This is how I look when biking around town.

Gorgeous! I'd like one for July 4th please and if you could muster up a fabulous beach or lake home to go with it, that would be swell.

The Vespa...still cool after all these years. If I were to buy one, I'd probably get a fun color and I would definitely stick to the vintage style scooter.

Las Brisas Resort in Acapulco, Mexico, chauffeur their guests in pink striped jeeps similar to this one. I love it - muy cute! Don't miss the fringe around the top.

You know you have arrived when you have money to burn on grown-up toys like extra cars or a fine boat. Many of you have heard my favorite movie line from "Clueless" where someone asks Alicia Silverstone's teenage character if she is worried about the parallel parking portion of the driver's test. She rolls her eyes and replies, "As if! I am always going to valet!" Well said my dear.