And the winner is: Animal Kingdom! As you know, one of the horses I was rooting for was Nehro, who placed second. I adore the rose blanket and would love to learn how to do this. This one has 400 roses and the jockey was also given a bouquet of roses as well. Stunning!

This is Jordan Sparks who looks so classic and amazing. I couldn't find a picture of one of my favorite hats. It was a 30's inspired, cloche hat on a tall, pretty, blonde girl.

The latest in "cutie pie"! Happy Mother's Day by the way!

I think Barbie was there.

Pretty creative and fun!

Through searching the internet, I have discovered Christine Moore. She appears to be the expert designer who makes hats for several celebrities. I looked at her website and as picky as I am, I love her style! Her link:

2)Rob Carr, Getty Images
3)Rob Carr, Getty Images
4) Unknown
5) Luke Sharrett, Getty Images