I love everything in this picture!

Notice the roughed out backs of the chairs, the tile on the stairs and how the pop of red on the lampshade adds interest to the room.

This looks like a classic home in Southern California with clean lines and Spanish Colonial architecture.

Tuxedo collars inside the jar - very clever!

Pour the wine and relax.

When my awesome designer friend from L.A. (East West Design Studio) said I had to check out Dan Marty Designs, of course I listened! He says this shop is all the rage with loyal fans like Ellen DeGeneres. DMD seems to have a cult following. When I was searching for pictures and the website, I found this review that was so funny. A brief view: "Do you ever fantasize about another life... ya know, the one where you say screw love, marry rich and spend the rest of your days attending to your philanthropy, buying estate jewelry and seasonally decorating your cottage by the sea? Yeah, you know the one...

Any time I want to indulge my inner lady who lunches I head to Dan Marty. Before you even step inside, the gorgeous brick building this design studio lives in will change your mood with its gorgeous exterior, hidden sidewalk koi pond and stained glass windows. It almost feels like it should be Cinderella's cottage, which is quite apropros.

Once inside it's like being transported to a chic Cape Cod estate where everything is just right. You'll find two floors of inspirational interiors and gorgeous accessories... even getting up the old wooden stairs that creak beneath your feet to the second floor lends a certain sense of romance to being there."

Maybe we need to go to L.A. to shop now...

Photos: Via Greige Blog
Dan Marty Designs
819 North La Cienega West
Los Angeles, CA 90069
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