I don't know how a duck can be captivating but I think this one is! Photo by: Camille Cier

My friend, Lynda Kay Parker, in L.A. Weekly. Photo by: Kevin Scanlon

Self Portrait. Photo by: Donald Miralle Jr.

Actor Jeff Goldblum. Photo by: David Drebin

My hair in the morning. Ok, maybe not. Photo by: Jodi Esplin

My friend (pictured above) posted about Kevin Scanlon on Facebook tonight which made me look at his work and others. What is it about good photography that makes time stand still and simple things great? It's really amazing and so difficult to capture. Check out Kevin's photo shoot of Jeff Bridges for L.A. Weekly. At first glance, Jeff seems to just be clowning around but when you see the final pictures, they are so much more intense. They say everyone sees life through a lens. I suppose these people have built in high definition.