English bottled water by Hildon on silverplate tray. Sterling silver Victorian bud vase and personalized stationary.

Carolyne Roehm provides a carafe of water, a tissue packet enclosed in extra fabric from the room's decor, French and Portuguese hand towels, and a notepad along with a sterling silver pen. Piqué coverlet by Matouk. French orange blossom water is for ironing linens before guests arrive.

Stationary with a Weatherstone logo allows your guests to re-count their leisurely experience while the French clock awakes them for a new day.

French silverplate alarm clock. Mints in an antique sterling silver shell. Carafe by Dior. Orchid in mint julep cup from India. Embroidered linens.

Headache pills, skin cream and toothpaste on silverplate tray. Fabric-covered, padded hangers. Rowenta steam iron. Sewing notions.

These are all from Carolyn Roehm's Ultimate Guest Room Guide (www.veranda.com). Part of the reason I enjoy writing this blog is IMAGINING that I (A) have time to put together such lovely things or (B) have unlimited funds and assistants to do these things for me! While I probably won't use the French orange blossom water for ironing guest's sheets before they arrive, I will attempt to make them feel welcomed, comfortable and at the very least, have fresh flowers in the room. Since traveling is no longer easy or inexpensive, a guest should get some special attention after a long day of being groped at the airport! Although Carolyn suggests using French and Portuguese hand towels, I'm not sure that would be my choice. Personally, I hate to be the first guest to mess up a perfectly ironed hand towel! Someday, I will have a lovely guest room display but for right now, expect to see my boy's X-Box games and DVD's peeking out beyond the Acqua Panna spring water and fresh cut roses!

Photos and descriptions by: Carolyn Roehm