This beige color on the shutters works. I wouldn't have thought of that!

A cold, snowy day and a sunny door - love it!

The trim color on this house is not unique but check out the architectural details!

Sea foam green - so pretty!

Orange is always happy to me.

I am continuing my love affair with charcoal gray. There are so many complimenting colors to pair with it. I like the idea of a gray house with crisp white trim and a dusty pink door. It would be different, subtle and pretty. Just think if you could plant pink hydrangeas on either side of the front door - gorgeous! Is dusty pink too soft or girlie for you? Try lipstick, high gloss red with a statement door knocker. Curb appeal is the first commandment in the bible of real estate. Not everyone is bold enough to veer from a beige house with a sensible door color and that's okay. However, in the world of shopping for houses online, you can bet a stylish looking house will get clicked on. Whether people have the guts to actually live in a bold house or not, they will want to see what is on the inside if they are intrigued. I say, MAKE THEM WONDER!