Creative genius, David Stark, teamed up with Target to promote a reading campaign for The National Education Association’s Read Across America program.

25,000 Dr. Seuss books were used for the sculpture spelling out R E A D. After the installation came down, the books were donated to New York City schools and libraries. As David Stark said, "To help you visualize, those letters are 18’ tall on top of an 8’ base, and if you throw in the height of the Library plaza, the books at the very top of the letters are over 30’ above street level. That’s three stories high!" Wow!

Magical entry!

My favorite thing David does...mixing elegant with whimsical.

I'm unsure of who this is but it looks like the guy from Sesame Street. Other stars including Keri Russell, Uma Thurman and Oscar nominee, Mark Ruffalo were on hand to read to more than 500 kids and their parents who attended the event.

When I grow up, I want to be David Stark because clearly, he keeps a vivid imagination while using his gift for good! He can take such a simple concept and blow it up to something remarkable. Of course, he is lucky to have clients who can bank roll his ideas but still! I loved reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids when they were young. I can probably still sing some of the Sesame Street songs today. (Don't be jealous!) If that isn't proof that simple concepts are fantastic, I don't know what is! I have always wanted to do a complete party around Robert Lopshire's, Put Me In The Zoo. I guess I still have quite a bit of 6-year-old in me after all. Just so you know...You're not the boss of me!

Check out David's blog and see the magnitude of this project as it was being constructed.

Photos: Arnold Brower, Gustavo Campos, Susan Montagna