Steve Moppert is a portrait artist I adore! He painted my boys when they were 3 and they are truly my most prized possessions outside of the real kids. I would have shown my own paintings but I didn't feel like my camera did his work justice. Like any work of art, the colors and textures are better in real life than on a computer screen. As one of my sons ran around like a wild animal at the photo shoot for the portrait, Steve was very patient while I was a frazzled mess! I couldn't believe it when we received the finished painting and he had captured my son's natural stance, his chunky hands, the light casting a pink shadow across the sand and everything else that made the painting so amazing. I love how his paintings are realistic yet still have a softness about them. I so admire artists because the really talented ones can show you the window into a person's soul...even if they behaved poorly at the shoot!

Photos from Steve Moppert's Website
Link: Steve Moppert Fine Art