This house reminds me of a Tory Burch outfit coming to life. I love the rug, wallpaper and painted stairs.

If you would have told me to mix a gold patterned rug with graphic, blue wallpaper and add a splash of kelly green, I would have looked at you incredulously and asked if you had too much party punch! I don't know how it works but it does.

Fun light fixture and cute dog!

I love this round butcher's block island with fun fabric. Notice the ceiling and yellow dishwasher.

Great mix of colors and I have always adored vintage red tricycles. I remember when Barney's NY sold a retro steel trike that was ridiculously expensive but it was so uber cool.

These photos are from Lonny Mag. You should read the story and see the pictures in a bigger size. The decorator (and owner) was once a photo shoot stylist so she saw everything in vignettes. Her house seems so cheerful and happy! I wonder if designers with such unique taste churn styles like this out on a whim. I can stay up all night deciding on paint colors! I'm way too much of a perfectionist to conceptualize competing colors and prints working together. I guess that's why designers are truly the experts!