I don't know how this doesn't get ruined in the elements but it looks great!

Love the chandelier and pop of orange.
(Michael Graydon)

I like the wooden squares. I wonder if that small patch of grass is for a small dog?
(Michael Graydon)

Such clean lines and the black and white is so crisp with the green plants.
(Martin Tessler)

I like the mirrored chest, it's a great way to double the greenery.
(Michael Graydon)

I guess my summer posting schedule will be more random than usual! I have never lived in a walking city but if I did, I would have to make the balcony a focal point. When visiting a friend in L.A., we stayed up all night and solved all the world's problems on that balcony! Of course, it helps if the weather permits - Houston is a steamy 80 degrees on a summer night. UGH! One of these days I will live somewhere I can drink coffee outside without a vat of mosquito repellent and a jug of Frizz-Ease for my big hair! Until then, greetings from my 72 degree air conditioned house.

Photos: Via Canadian House & Home, photographers mentioned above