The first words on the morning of a road trip used to be, "NOT IT!". As in, I will not be the one to sit in the middle of the back seat! Being the youngest and the only girl, that phrase never worked for me. I also had a stomach of steel and never got car sick, so conveniently, they got to sit in the front! I'm off to Florida today. I love a good road trip from time to time. Of course, this will not be a pretty road trip but at least I get concentrated time with my boys. I must say times have changed...thank goodness! There are no soggy, cheese sandwiches to be eaten because restaurants are everywhere and we probably won't play the alphabet game with 3 IPhones, an IPad, 3 Mac Computers and possibly a gaming system but somewhere amidst all that technology, I will hear a story about something they did that was hilarious. Funny how stories start coming out when the threat of being grounded for the rest of their life no longer applies! Talk to you in Florida! The theme song of the day, KING OF THE ROAD!

Photo: Country Living