Rosemary Beach has great style. If you have kids, Water Color and Seaside might be more fun because they are more established and there are more places for them to go on their own. However, Rosemary Beach is less crowded and stunning to look at! Kids enjoy this area as well, so it really depends on what is important to you. All of these beach towns were designed with the majority of the houses not on the beach front. However, the houses provide you with bikes, wagons, sand toys, and some with golf carts. What you trade in a window view of the ocean, you make up for with fabulous homes, a safe place for kids to get out on their own, multiple pools, parks, restaurants and shops within walking distance. I have a cocktail napkin that reads, "Oh Pool Boy, I'll Have Another". If this is your motto, these beach towns are not for you. While there are no waiters at the beach or pool, it's a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. One night, a family hired the beach chair company to set up chairs around a bonfire. After chasing sand crabs by moonlight, they had cocktails around the fire. That's the good stuff, and a memory they will probably always cherish.

Photos by: Julie Webber