Look...a post office that is not dirty and gross!

An outdoor market with tons of fun things - shopping beachside.

Seaside attracts the hip and cool crowd.

I love these Airstream trailers! Next to this one is "The Melt Down" which specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches...seriously, does it get any better? Don't miss the trailer with snow cones the size of Texas too!

A photo booth of fun!

Hopefully, you are not sick of my Seaside extravaganza but I love the look of everything here. In the old days of going to Florida, the choices of restaurants were limited to one basic menu...fried fish and fried fish. In this community, the hipsters, artists and yuppies have brought the best from their cities so a restaurant might even have a demi-glaze reduction sauce or truffle oil. Of course, you have to have a little fried fare but all of the beach towns in this area have great things to offer. Unlike Disney World, the tourists are fashionably chic in their best casual beach attire. That could mean a T-shirt and shorts but the T-shirt will undoubtedly be cute or perhaps have a fraternity or college name on the front with fun flip flops or sandals. I bought a GIANT hat while I was there that looked really cute with my sunglasses and sarong. As I juggled carrying 50 things in each arm to the beach, I finally reached our chairs where my mother was laughing. I laughed too and remarked that with a look like that, I should have had "people" carrying for me! Oh well, in my sweat and exhaustion, I was fabulous for the moment! Ha!