"My Own Wish" by Bonnie Fuchs.

"Coastal Living" by Bonnie Fuchs. Notice the texture.

"It's Coming In All Directions" by Bonnie Fuchs.

Simple and relaxed, this is a bed cover you won't have to press and fluff all the time.

Cute table and notice the painting from a different view.

Once again, this is from Pizitz Home & Cottage. As I've said before, artwork is never portrayed online as it looks in real life but I absolutely loved these. The artist has a special technique where parts of the painting look wet. So cool! The neutral palette is very soothing and something you wouldn't tire of. You should look at Bonnie Fuchs' site to see other things she has done. I would like to buy several of her pieces! If neutral is your thing, Pizitz Home & Cottage is the place to shop!

Photos by: Julie Webber

Pizitz Home & Cottage
Susan Byrd 850.231.2240
Artist: Bonnie Fuchs