Love the one you're with because this is in the desert of Southern Utah and the nearest airport is 25 miles away in Page, Arizona.

The pool at dusk - so pretty!

This is the mesa view suite - a far cry from the "Garden View A.K.A. Parking Lot" scenery one might get at other hotels. In case you can't tell, the doors are open and the bed is behind the couch. Quite a vision to wake up to!

The Aman Spa pool glowing with lanterns.

The Aman Spa reflecting pool - surely problems resolve themselves here.

The Amangiri Resort is truly amazing. I'm not even sure how I came across this hotel but it is now etched into my brain for a desired place to go. Maybe it's because I long to escape the Houston soup they call humidity. You should look at their web site because the pictures are spectacular! While you're at it, check out some of the other Aman Resorts. The only other American hotel they have is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This site does not readily tell you the rates so I'm guessing it won't be on anytime soon. However, the design is very cool and it looks completely serene and relaxing. Every window is optimally placed so the view resembles a great work of art. If I build a house again, I will most definitely get architectural ideas from hotels. Too bad a resort inspired house does not come with room service and a masseuse! Peace be with you.

Photos by: Amangiri Resort