Grant it, I am VERY late to the Mad Men party but I started watching the series this past weekend and I am obsessed with it! January Jones is none other than stunning! These classic styles (sans the Dairy Queen hairdo in photo 3) could all be worn today. Personally, I am not a fan of what I refer to as "wallpaper" print fabric but the style still screams of Town and Country Magazine and a woman who knows who she is. Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn will continue to be fashion muses and people will probably always know what "Barbara Bush" pearls are. Recently, I wore a pencil skirt with pointed, leopard spotted, kitten heels and received compliments all day long. Simple and smart always win in my book. I know classic can be boring so the shoes and purse matter. However, notice the woman, not the jingle and sparkle of too many personal props!