The 1965 Varsity Football Team at Hoke's Bluff High School in Hoke's Bluff, Alabama.

"Okay girls, make a vertical line and remember, Linda gets the top and her own 'special' sweater!"

This picture is the best! Close...but no cigar. "Let's make a picture of the girls who DIDN'T make the team...bless their hearts."

Who better to lead these girls to victory than Mrs. Betty Stewart? A pioneer of enthusiasm.

The pom poms on their booties say it all.

Gimme a "B", Gimme an "A", Gimme a "C", Gimme a "K"...I'm Baaaaaack! So sorry for the pregnant pause in posting! My real job tends to cut into my personal time and I have also been busy with high school football moms coordinating the proper homage to the Varsity boy's team. For those of you not in Texas, high school football is VERY important...even in 107 degree heat! These pictures cracked me up! I only wish I could have showed you the Pee Wee cheerleaders pictured in this yearbook as well. Apparently, the Varsity cheerleaders didn't emanate enough spirit so they had pint-sized girls as well. What caught my eye was the angry looking girl in front whose name was "L. Boozer". I'd like to know if her name preceded her destiny. I only have 2 more seasons of being a football mom so short of becoming Wanda Holloway, I plan to soak in the pep rallies, the constant challenge to find something cute to wear in royal blue (OY!) without inducing heat stroke, the before and after tailgating and the thrill of victory over the teams we REALLY want to beat. I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday nights. Girls on dates at fancy restaurants have nothing on me!

Photos from Betty Moyer's Yearbook