My college son just moved into his first house. The first thing he bought for his new abode was a Lab-mix puppy who steals shoes, remotes and anything else she can carry outside to chew. Next, he "found" a 6 foot tall, carved wooden statue of an American Indian. The plan is to have a wall of pictures of guests posing with the statue - most likely with red Solo cups or shiny cans in hand. Lastly, one of his roommates will soon arrive with over-sized "leather" couches which have neon lights on the underside...after all, why not bring attention to the dog hair on the floor? No...I did not consult with him concerning this post. If I were to open a retail interior design store, I would probably tap into the niche market of men who have no idea how to decorate but don't want to go to a box store and buy a giant sectional couch with built in cup holders for beer. When I searched for pictures with "masculine" in the title, I found most examples were sleek, modern and minimal. I'm sure there are lots of men who appreciate traditional style but dark colors seem to be the name of the game as well. While I'm sure my son will grow out of "beer chic" decor, it's never too late to have a motorcycle in the kitchen (as seen in the 5th picture). Of course the day that man marries, the bike will be sold and he will retain one room in the house for himself. Until that day, the velvet painting of Elvis over the neon lit couches are an excellent idea.