I love how neat and clean this looks.

This is such a great focal point.

Make sure you notice the greenery on the house. I believe this is a Dutch inspired house similar to those in South Africa.

I love this dog! This is a Chia Pet gone right.

Two trees, some rocks, lots of wood...done! I'd like a cocktail napkin with my drink.

SIGH...my west-facing front yard was ravaged by chinch bugs when I was in Florida the first week of summer. Even though I have treated it twice, the Texas drought and those sap-sucking bugs have turned my green grass into a patchwork quilt of various shades of green, weeds and oh yeah...yellow, dead grass. Think of a stray dog with mange. Hence, the post about pretty spaces in lieu of grass. Yes, I would still need to water often but maybe if it resembled a work of art like these pictures, I wouldn't mind so much. Until then, you'll have to excuse me while I go out to water the little bit of good grass that is hanging on. At this point, I'm thinking Astro Turf is not such a bad idea.

Photos via blogs: Simple Dirt, Deborah Silver & Co, Botanical Brouhaha & Heidi Claire, House and Home