Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair Magazine by Steven Meisel

Things to notice: the softness of the chairs and the tufted backs, the glossy floor reflecting the light, the fussy chandelier, the curve of the drapes on the french doors, the way the white molding and furniture pop against the bold color.

A classic Jan Showers room: beautiful silk sofa with fringed trim, a subtle touch of gold, pleasing, sophisticated colors not upstaging the person, the curve of the chair with mohair fabric and the sexy nude drawings which let the viewer interpret.

A requirement for a seductive look - something shiny and reflective in the room. Notice the lines of the table and seat, the soft, plush rug, the formal mill work and tufted wall and shoes casually left by the stylish woman who lives here.

This room is not over-the-top sexy but I like it when leopard print is used well. I'm very picky about the spotted fabric because it's easy to cross the line into cheesy. I also love the slate blue accent color with all the white.

I think I spent more time searching for the right photos for this post than any other. I was shocked how difficult it was to find good examples. Google "Sexy home" and lots of bad stuff comes up! I still don't think I found everything a sensual home encompasses. For example, some of the lacquer painted rooms didn't have furniture that I liked. Also, I would have liked to have had a picture of fabulous silk drapes reminiscent of ball gowns. Lighting, texture, color and style all contribute to a sensual home. However, my friend (who is off-the-charts stylish and sexy in a sophisticated way) and I discussed what creates this look. We both agree it can't be a formula or something you walk out of a store with. A sensual home reflects the owner's personality and vibe. It's the way the room makes you feel when you walk in. It's the mixture of old and new, formal and comfortable. It's the scent of a great candle and a breeze blowing through open doors. Does anyone else need a cigarette now?

Photos via: Vanity Fair Magazine, Metropolitan Home, Veranda Magazine; Stephen Karlisch, unknown on the last 2