As promised, this is the home of Alexis and Trevor Traina from the September issue of Elle Decor. I'm not surprised she likes saturated colors and her creative flare is displayed throughout the home. What does one do in a peacock room? I have no idea but you have to admire someone who can have such unique ideas. Their 107 year old Georgian house in San Francisco required 3 decorators, an architect, several craftsman, and two garden designers. After 3 years, voila, it became "a sensory explosion of drama and romance" explained Alexis. Her husband, Trevor, is a serious art collector with over 300 exceptional pieces so the plan to renovate a house suitable for his art collection, their children and dogs was no small feat. With a posh city spread and a vineyard for the weekends, life is grand!

Photos: Simon Upton for Elle Decor