Yet another talented Swanson girl...Veronica. My plan was to share the October issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine so you could see Veronica's Manhattan apartment. However, I suppose Bazaar prefers to stay "old school" and make you run to the store to buy it in print! Tisk, Tisk Bazaar...get with the blogging world and share! I have to say the effort to see it is well worth it with a glossy turquoise kitchen, luxurious fabrics and a high glam aesthetic. Veronica refers to her personal style as, "a fine balance between designer flash and casual finesse." In 2009, she started a clothing line with her sister-in-law, Miele Beard, called Veronica Beard. They specialize in classic blazers, dresses and tailored separates to stand the test of time. A media darling, you can also see Veronica's Southampton house in an issue of Elle Decor. I'm starting to think my mom raised a bunch of slackers compared to this family! Of course, a little extra help from the family fortune never hurts when financing your dreams but I do admire these girls for being independent thinkers and making their own creative mark on the world. Bravo!

Photo: SFLuxe Magazine