Ta-Dah! Here is the living room.

OOPS! You caught me in the secondary bath.

Nothing sells a house more than a corner shot of dolls telling secrets. Note the camera flash in the mirror.

Baby needs a little sun.

I'll admit, I've had one too many Chardonnays but I can't wait to put my feet up in this tub...oh wait, they already are.

This is a house in Hermosa Beach, California (LA area). It was listed for $1,175,000 and sold for $900,000 on June 21, 2011. Maybe it sold for the ocean views and 3/2.5 floor plan but don't discount the power of a creepy doll named Carrie in every room! Who comes up with this stuff?!? As your real estate agent, I promise never to rely on weird dolls to draw attention to your house. When trying to attract buyers, professional photos and an uncluttered view work like a charm. Be a doll and put that girl in storage!