"Togetherness inspires her buying decisions..." What planet did these people live on in 1953?!? Although this kitchen might not be on your inspiration list, you have to love the break from the typical granite kitchen of today. Back then, lunch was dinner and dinner was supper (AKA leftovers from lunch, er, dinner). At least that is the way it was in the south. I used to spend a month in the summer at my grandparent's house in Alabama. They always had a garden and my favorite dish was fried squash. When they wanted me to eat something I didn't want, my grandfather would say, "Try it. It will keep your liver from quivering!" Sometimes I had to wash it down with some sweet tea. The minute I got back to Texas, I was ready for some Taco Bell. Gross! I would give anything to have my grandmother's fried squash today. She didn't have a pink kitchen but she did keep my liver from quivering!