Can you imagine spending hours upon hours crafting the perfect image, only to be wiped away within seconds of the first big wind or high tide? I know I can't! That is exactly what Jim Denevan does. He creates shapes within nature, with laser perfection and thought, only to be erased as if it never happened. With Jim's work, I see more than his shapes. The shapes are spectacular to view - especially on such a large scale - but I find his message to be just as important as the physical beauty. The fact that he can connect with something so intensely but not have the ego of holding onto it, is amazing. It's human nature to want to hold onto things and be in control. I would love to have a huge print of one of his installations. As said in the video below, "It's ironic something meant to go away, stays forever with a photograph." Visit his site to get the background behind these photos and watch the video to see how Outstanding In The Field and Jim's art are connected. I think it is very cool.

Photos via Jim Denevan
CBS Sunday Morning Interview with Jim Denevan