I love the script of this cocktail sign. The tray is Mexican.

Antique soda bottles are easy to find. I liked this one for the woven cover and size. The book is a cartoon book from The New Yorker titled, "Scotch and Toilet Water." It's tough to beat dog humor in an unconventional way! The lamp is not usually something I would choose because it's not old but the fringe seemed to fit the frivolous look I was going for. On the handle of the 1950's bar cart are vintage bar towels.

I just bought these cocktail napkins at the Round Top Antique Show. There are 7 and they vary in color and humorous sayings. Telling of that time period, I love the whimsical drawings! Chase a secretary today and you have an instant lawsuit!

More vintage cocktail napkins from the same vendor and the same age. How cute are those little ones with martini glasses in roman numeral clocks?!?

The kitsch that got away...an Elvis lamp. He was kind of expensive for just a fun piece and he had some chips on his nose so I passed. He does haunt me though! I would love to integrate him into an unexpected place in my house just to make people guess what is wrong with me!

I am not an everyday drinker but I love to find good vintage bar things. A friend of mine collects martini shakers and some of them are so amazing. In today's mass produced, catalog-order world, mixing vintage items make a house feel more authentic and layered. If you've been reading my blog or know me, you know I am very sarcastic and like to have fun. These things reflect my personality in my home. Hopefully, people feel at ease when they see that I want them to smile and have a good time. Of course, over indulging is no fun but I do have a fish bowl of individually wrapped Alka-Seltzer packets next to the booze. How appropriate Alka-Seltzer was developed in 1931...right when most of these items were made! Salut!

Photos by Julie Webber