There were 182 people at one continuous table on top of a hill at Jolie Vue Farm in Brenham, Texas.

This is one of the views from the table. Last year, there was tall grass everywhere. Due to the drought, it looked completely different.

Dessert was a combination of poached Wood Duck Farms peaches, Blue Heron Farm bourbon cajeta, frangipane tart, spiced macaroon, blueberries & lemon thyme compote. Yum!

This is Jim Denevan, the founder of Outstanding In The Field. He is also an incredible artist. I'll post on his work tomorrow. The vintage looking fire truck in the background was there due to the dry conditions.

We couldn't have had a more perfect weather day. It was in the 80's with a breeze. The sunset was spectacular!

Outstanding In The Field
was created to honor local farmers and food artisans. Their mission is to bring awareness to people about the origin of the food and encourage them to re-connect with the land. An executive chef from the area is chosen to cook the meal and volunteers serve the food family style. This year's chef was Chef Paul Lewis of Cullen's Restaurant in Clear Lake. I think my favorite thing (aside from the dessert) were the blue corn masa tamales stuffed with shredded pork. Due to the drought, the chef was unable to grill things as in years past. It really was sad to see how the farmers have been affected. While I'm thinking my monkey grass looks weak, their whole livelihood is at stake. For those of you in Houston, you can find these vendors at local farmer's markets and the meat from Jolie Vue can be delivered to your home. There really is something great about eating a meal outside, at a simple table, with the company of good people. Bon appetite!

Photos by: Julie Webber
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