A floor runs through...

Where to begin?


Make a commitment already! The definition of a mixed breed dog is mutt...so what do you call this floor? This is a 4 bedroom home in Oceanside, California, listed at $775,000. As you can see, the kitchen almost completed a look when a stream ran through and wood floors erupted. They were so proud of this layered look in the bedroom, a solo shot was shown to accentuate this artistry. Note the drapes...FIVE, in different colors, at different heights and none of which reach the floor. When selling a house, think neutral, less lumps in the bed, and know that the average person probably won't appreciate such a distinctive feature under foot! Also remember that in Texas, drapes are included in the house unless excluded on the contract. Looks like someone will be the proud new owner of those bad boys...all five of them!

Photos via Hooked on Houses