"Hey! Are you awake?" Who has memories of whispering to their sibling with the lights off? Well...I don't because I was the only girl and the youngest by 5 and 7 years but having friends sleep over was always so much fun! I'll never forget walking into a lovely home when I was fresh out of college and entering the most sophisticated guest bedroom I had ever seen. It had custom made, twin mahogany beds with slender posts and the best sheets I had ever slept on. They were 100% cotton, with a high thread count (before everyone knew about thread counts), and were perfectly ironed. THAT is living right! Martha Stewart once showed a special ironing machine just for sheets at one of her houses. If sleeping on ironed sheets isn't luxury, then I don't know what is! I like the look of twin beds and I do think they work well in a guest bedroom. I have always thought if I had a second home, I would have an attic room with twin beds all across. After all, what fun is a vacation home without lots of people to share it with. Bon Nuit!

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