Shopping for evening wear in my 20's and 30's was thrilling. Every dress glided on with ease. The sound of the zipper racing up was merely a prelude to the moment when you turned around in front of a three-way mirror, looking to see which style accentuated your best features. Shopping in my 40's...not quite the same experience! I love all of these photos but I can guarantee I will not walk into a store and say, "Excuse me, can you direct me to the nearest dresses with extra thickness around the middle...or better yet, maybe something shear to display my 'curves' where curves were never meant to be?" Distraction. It's all about distraction! Look how shiny my jewelry is...and did you see my shoes?!? Yes, you HAVE to notice my shoes...and what's this over here? LONG lashes - that's right! The days of nonchalantly slipping out of a dress into something more comfortable have turned into a dead on fight with Spanx. Oh well! At least now I have broadened my conversation past People Magazine. There are still dresses to flatter every figure - you just have to devote LOTS of time to finding it. Happy holiday shopping and for those of you still rocking the 20's body...good for you!