This was my favorite booth with beautifully framed art. This is a Richard Barabandy (1848-after 1902) drawing. Barabandy focused on Paris dans la rue (Paris in the street).

These are from the Fletcher Copenhaver Fine Art booth. They are from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I could fill my house with their things!

This is my own drawing that I bought from this dealer at least 15 years ago. I still love it.

There were lots of pretty oil paintings with ornate frames.

My big purchase - a door knocker! One booth was set up for young collectors. Everything in this booth was less than $300.00. OK, so...I'm not so young but the price was right!

Martha was great! She seems the same in real life as she is on TV. She spoke about her love for antiques and what a good investment they are, as well as her new book, "Martha's Entertaining, A Year Of Celebrations." The book is beautiful and shows parties throughout the year at her three houses. Along with gorgeous photography, she also gives the recipes in the back. She truly is inspiring. Although I will never cook everything from the book, I will adopt some of her ideas for decorating and parties. I also like that she embraces using what you have often, instead of twice a year for high holidays. She also told funny stories of mishaps at her perfect parties. The time she did the Thanksgiving table in the barn was one of my all time favorite photos that stood out in my mind. Who knew Martha sliced her hand carving the turkey and needed nine stitches, one of the kids got kicked in the head by a horse and another kid's shirt caught on fire from a heater! So remember THAT when stressing this holiday season. Even Martha isn't always perfect! Lastly, kudos to the volunteer Thetas who put this show on every year. Not only do they run everything well, they give people an opportunity to learn about pretty antiques and fund many charities as a result of the show. Now THAT is a good thing!

Photos by Julie Webber
The 59th Theta Antique Show
Fletcher Copenhaven Fine Art
"Martha's Entertaining, A Year Of Celebrations"