I hate to jump ahead to Christmas when Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet but if you're like me, you are wondering what in the world you will do for gifts this year. Every year, I rush around like a crazy person, delivering to people all over town in the worst traffic - hardly filled with Christmas cheer. The worst of it is that the people closest to me get the short end of the stick sometimes. In an effort to truly enjoy the season and actually be filled with cheer, I am pledging to simplify my gifts and maintain the mayhem. I LOVE the ideas above! Who wouldn't enjoy getting something that feels special and comforting? Sometimes people will see wedding books and magazines at my house and wonder if I secretly have an inner bridezilla. The truth is, weddings are very much "of the now" when it comes to trends on color, flowers and decor. Plus, most people have to stay on a budget when giving favors so it's a great place to get gift ideas. Just make sure to put those books under the couch if you are single!

Photos via Erin Ever After blog