Since I haven't posted vintage photos lately, I thought it was time for some 1950's glamour. Most of these outfits you could wear today minus this or that. Even though Mad Men has yet to return to TV, today's fashion (unless you only watch reality shows) definitely has a nod to the 1950's vibe. I have a vintage inspired brooch that can be worn so many ways. I am still haunted by a charcoal gray, wool clutch purse that would have been so chic with the brooch pinned on the flap. Inevitably, when I stand my ground and convince myself that I need to be practical and not spend the extra money on whatever the "it" thing is, I see a million things going forth that would have been great with it. Then the thing I impulsively buy sits in my closet and mocks me. That lime green pleather outfit...of course you will wear that to the movies...giant rhinestone western belt...who wouldn't want one of those? I'm better now (mostly) but as my mother used to say, "And you wonder why you don't have anything to wear to a funeral." So true, so true.

Photos via We Heart Vintage blog, Life Magazine 1951