Proof you don't have to have a 10 foot tree to have big style! The first photo is from my house and it is much prettier in person. My main tree is a tall Frazier Fur but this little trio in my living room makes me so happy. My friend borrowed them for a luncheon with the challenge of portraying the song, "Oh Christmas Tree." She cleverly wrapped them with the music notes of the song and placed them among greenery. As you can see, I have put them on a tray of rice with Baccarat's Mary and baby Jesus. I know, I know...they were in a manger...but this is really pretty! Surely the Lord will understand. Anyway, when December 26 rolls around and I am spilling water on the rug and scattering needles as I drag the tree out, I might be wishing I had one of these cute, small, simple trees. Imagine snapping that gold one together and stepping back to look at it as you say, "Done! Who's hungry?"

Photo one: Julie Webber
All other photos via Canadian House and Home