Hey now!

This room is so authentic to the style, it looks like a set design! On the other side of the room, there is a sliding glass door on the outside so it disappears completely when open.

The kitchen has modern appliances but kept the formica counters. Check out that floor! I love the bright barstools.

The TV pops up from inside the bed when gazing at the pool becomes tiresome.

Where Sally and Jane wear their bikinis.

This is a 1961 house in Bel Air which recently sold for $2,575,000. Imagine the swanky parties of yesterday and today. I can almost smell the plastic from the game of Twister as it is pulled out of the box! Of course pineapple Jello molds have been replaced with sushi rolls and fusion food but martinis remain strong for the 2012 pool party. Since the weather in California is almost always desirable, the line between outdoor and indoor spaces is blurred. I would love that! Although this era is not my personal style, I can appreciate people who do it well. Tomorrow, I will show the mid-century "go to" person in Dallas. It will be a gas!

Photos via Moving Mansions