Coffee Bar - I love the colors, the organization and of course the coffee!

Adorable cabin in Canada

So clean looking

An Irish fisherman's sweater - this would never see daylight in Houston!

Happy New Year! My apologies for the long delay. I was really taxed at the end of the year but now I am back and ready to begin 2012 with a fresh start! While I love having my tree up and lights around the house, once Christmas is over, I am ready to reduce clutter and create a clean slate. I don't understand why so many people hate winter. For me, it's an excuse to stay in the house, read by the fire, spend time with family watching movies and accomplish projects that tend to go on the back burner when it's perfectly sunny and warm outside. Of course in Houston, I am not scraping ice off of the windshield at 7 a.m. so I don't have a true perspective on winter but it is a time to clean out the old and begin the new - emotionally and physically. Cheers to the new year and I wish everyone many blessings in 2012!