This is a loft kitchen in New York City - designed on a frugal budget. The cabinets are from Ikea, the island table was bought on Craig's List, some of the accessories are from Etsy and the wallpaper is from Wallpapers Plus.

Anaglypta Supaglypta Spencer Wallpaper made of recycled paper and cotton

There are more patterns in this wallpaper so if you want a more simplistic look, it's available.

I like this idea for a second home or a resale flip where budgeting is key.

As I have mentioned before, the people before me went nuts with texturizing the ceilings in my house. I can't stand it but having someone get rid of it will be time consuming and expensive, therefore, no high-gloss paint for me! Alas, this might be a good solution. It is inexpensive wallpaper meant to be painted and costs $24.00 a roll. The black paint used above is high-gloss marine paint which works well in rooms with potential water splatter. Not only does it give you the ability to customize your color but also gives a nice texture to the walls without using costly tile. In one example (not pictured here), someone had plastered and painted a patina over it for an old European feel. Please note: I am NOT speaking of icky 1980's "sponge" painting! I especially like the idea of this on a ceiling when going for a vintage look. Saving money on this means more money for a chandelier right!?! Funny how my ways of "saving" money lead to other expensive things. A female philosophy indeed.

Photos via Remodelista & The Joshua Shively House Blog